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Want to sell online but don’t have an e-Commerce site?

We’ve got you covered whether you do business offline or through social media.

Send Bills to collect and track payments from your customers using the PortWallet SendBill platform. Bills can be delivered via multiple channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

It is simple and easy to use.

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There is 2.5 million dollars of transaction happening this moment online every hour. Purchasing online is safe and secure!

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PortWallet offers safe and reliable payment processing solution to merchants. It is designed to work seamlessly with your website with already pre-built API's and connectivity solutions. We are also able to customize solutions as per your individual needs.

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IPN - Instant Payment Notifications

PortWallet IPN service notifies your server when an event occurs relating to any monetary transaction. This ensures actual payment information to be sent, server to server, securely, thereby reducing the risk of hacking and fraudulent transactions.

Powerful API

Our REST API allows easy integration with any 3rd party programs such as ERP systems, websites, mobile applications. We give you access so you can virtually do anything you like with it, the possibilities are endless.

3D Security

3D Secure Credit Card Validation provides three layers of protection against fraudulent charges and chargebacks for sales. The 3D Secure Credit Card Validation payment service can increase your customers confidence in the security of transactions made in your store. We support verified by VISA

Alert Systems

PortWallet offers email alerts to end users whenever a transaction takes place.

Fraud Detection

To eliminate the chances of a fraudulent transaction, we match IP addresses with the countries that the cards have been issued in, we keep bank records from all over the world starting from their phone numbers and web addresses, and we support Verified by VISA.

Online Statements

Our online statements are displayed like bank statements. These statements show your debit, credit and balance information. We also have scheduled statements that you receive over email weekly.


Invoice Generator

Need to create a custom invoice for a payment? No worries! We can help you. As a merchant you will can email professional invoices and get paid quickly. Your customers can pay with the click of a button, even if they don't have a PortWallet account.


Access Control

You made it, and have an e-commerce web store! With PortWallet you can now accept payment online. Access Control allows you to manage employees or teammember to access only the information they need access to based on their job responsibility ensuring your privacy, security and confidentiality secured.


Insights & Analytics

Our merchant panel shows you a monthly/ daily sales reports with simple, easy to understand charts and graphs, so you are able to understand your customers better.


e-Commerce Dev.

Need help getting an e-commerce site setup* or connecting to PortWallet to accept payments online*. Please get in touch with us